About Us


ZEASDC also known as ZEA’S DERNIER CRI features the latest gold collections that is affordable for many. 

The word name “ZEA” is named after the lovely daughter of the founder and “DERNIER CRI” is translated as “THE VERY LATEST FASHION”.

We are a small family business selling 100% real gold and accessories with a personal touch led by the founder.

ZEASDC is known for its excellent products and satisfactory services that go beyond our client’s expectations.



Born and raised in the Philippines, Charity is an avid collector of jewelries. Her love for jewelries inspired Charity to become an entrepreneur.

She makes sure that every client is treated with a high level of satisfaction through delivering the best service built with honesty and integrity.

As Charity continues to pursue expanding the family business, she looks forward on making her own product and brand name while bringing inspiration and a lasting impact on all of her clients.